Our Team

Transformative Eduction, Action and Mission by Making Business Accessible.

The individuals below are all involved in Project Team MBA. They are from a variety of businesses and charities. They all have different skillsets enabling them to offer a wide range of invaluable viewpoints and perspectives. We are very grateful for their contribution.


Rupert Vernalls, Project Team MBA – Project Leader and Course Presenter

Rupert Vernalls is the founder of The MBA Academy and is charge of running Project Team MBA. Rupert has lectured at the US Department of Commerce, worked as a Designated Assistant for Course Planning with Harvard Business Online and as a Module Advisor on the Bath MBA. Prior to completing his own MBA, Rupert headed up Osborne Clarke’s intellectual property law practice in Silicon Valley, California. Rupert has worked with leading academics to develop this award-winning, Mini-MBA course.

Andrew Webley, Technology Lead and Developer for Project Team MBA

An accomplished Internet, Marketing & IT Professional with extensive experience in delivery, consulting and project management, Andrew is responsible for the technology behind Team MBA and is in charge of developing the Team MBA website and all of our tech solutions. Andrew is the managing director of The Smarter Web Company and the former Head of Online Services at Hargreaves Lansdown PLC.

Mala Su, Creative Lead for Project Team MBA

Mala Su is a director at The MBA Academy. Mala makes high-level creative decisions and oversees the development of the creative assets in our educational resources. Mala plays a key role in setting our vision and is involved in our product development process.

Andy Street, Team MBA Vision Ambassador

Andy was one of the founding directors of global consultancy firm SLR, focusing on environmental strategy. He set up and Chairs FareShare South West, is Chair of Crisis Centre Ministries (the leading homelessness charity in Bristol), and Chairs a number of other partnership or community-based initiatives focusing on a collaborative approach to city transformation. He is also currently leading partnership projects focused on alleviating food poverty and creating jobs, training and mentoring opportunities for ex-offenders. Andy has been instrumental in setting our vision and keeping us on track.

Kathryn Jamshidi, Office Manager

Kathryn is our office manager. Kathryn supports many areas of the business including administration and reception.

Jethro Gilbert, Operations Manager

Jethro looks after day-to-day operational requirements for our offices, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Alex Wrench, Chief Web Designer for Project Team MBA

Alex is a talented web designer who is responsible for designing all of the visual elements for our online resources which reflect Team MBA branding and our design aesthetic. Alex is involved in creating layouts for product pages and other areas of the website. Alex is a web designer for The Smarter Web Company.

Professor Chris Mabey, Team MBA Vision Ambassador

Chris is emeritus professor at Middlesex University Business School, London. He’s held a career-long interest in developing leaders and published numerous highly acclaimed academic books on leadership. Chris has worked as an occupational psychologist with British Telecom and Rank Xerox plc. Chris has worked in a variety of sectors and countries as a management consultant with a focus on executive coaching and leadership development in organisations.

Samuel Williams, Team MBA Vision Ambassador

Samuel is the founder of Hodos Consultancy Co. – a professional training and communications consultancy with an ethical focus on reforming traditional philanthropy and supporting social impact start-ups. Samuel has worked alongside a range of community and education-focused organisations and is committed to economic development work across the continent of Africa and social Infrastructure financing in the United Kingdom. Samuel was the founder of BAMCON, the Black, Asian and Minority Ethic Conservative forum before merging efforts with the SW BAME Conservative Forum, for which he is Chairman.

Tim Snowdon, Team MBA Vision Ambassador

Tim has 30 years’ experience working in the charitable sector and was one of the founders of the charity Sixty-One. Sixty-One provides mentoring services for ex-offenders. Tim made it possible for us to deliver the course in prison and he has helped us develop a number of key relationships enabling us to provide resources within the prison network more broadly. Prior to Sixty-One, Tim was the CEO of Changing Tunes for 10 years.

Professor Andrew Parker, Team MBA Vision Ambassador

Andrew is a leadership consultant whose work extends across a range of organisations. Andrew has undertaken a variety of leadership and management roles during his time in UK higher education at Department, School and Faculty level. He also holds professional positions at the University of the West of England and Westminster Theological Centre. With over 100 published articles, working papers and commissioned reports to his name (including 10 edited books), Andrew is an established international scholar who has a reputation as an effective communicator and whose work is accessible to a wide audience.

Anna Wesler, Reception Team

Welcoming our visitors with a smile, Anna is here to help with post, queries and telephone answering.

Dr Juliana Busasi, Team MBA International Vision Ambassador

Juliana is the Founder and Executive Director, Tanzania Health and Medical Education Foundation (TAHMEF). She has dedicated all her energy into solving the problem of poor health service delivery with huge impact and success. Juliana originally attended our Mini-MBA course as a result of a scholarship from AstraZeneca’s Young Health Professional Programme.

David Henry, Team MBA International Vision Ambassador

David Henry Is a Global Youth Leader, stemming from many organisations such as UNICEF, USAID, WEF and AstraZeneca. David is Founder of ReThink Youth, a Youth organisation which brings change makers together to take action on the issues affecting communities in Saint Lucia. He is also a former international football player and is a Senior Youth Coordinator at the Sacred Sports Foundation, which aims to assist troubled youth by providing them with support and opportunities through sports. David shares our passion for helping people to get their most out of their energies, skills and talents.

Dr Emmanel Egbroko, Team MBA International Vision Ambassador

Emmanuel is Executive Director of inocul8, Nigeria, and an Executive Director of Community Based Participatory Immunization (CBPI). Not only is Emmanuel a Pharmacist, he us also a social entrepreneur with over 7 years social entrepreneurship experience. His values are closely aligned with our own which makes him a perfect International Vision Ambassador.

Tim Silk, Team MBA Coach and Vision Ambassador

Tim's coaching practice Acaciadays helps high functioning leaders to thrive in all areas of life. He has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and enable leaders to lead themselves most effectively. Tim’s insights have been extremely helpful to us at Team MBA. Please use the following link for more details about Tim's work or to contact Tim directly: www.shorturl.at/bvxIO


Our Vision Ambassadors (National and International) are leaders in their respective fields and we ask them to hold us accountable to our vision for helping all individuals get the most out of their energies, skills and talents, regardless of their backgrounds, qualifications or financial resources.