MBA Essentials For Lawyers

In the dynamic legal sector, possessing technical legal expertise alone is no longer enough. Lawyers must also master the business acumen and strategic insights that align with their clients’ evolving needs and practices.

The MBA Essentials for Lawyers course is specifically designed to bridge this gap, offering lawyers access to the latest MBA models, frameworks, tools, and techniques. These resources are presented in a context deeply relevant to their professional responsibilities, empowering them to foster a more profound understanding of their clients' businesses, industries, markets, needs, and challenges.

Accredited and celebrated with multiple awards, including accolades from 'Learning in Law,' this course concludes with the awarding of Strategy Consultant digital credentials from The University of The West of England. Over the years, we have proudly offered this transformative program to attorneys from leading law firms and in-house legal departments, further solidifying its reputation for excellence and relevance.

Please see the pdf below for a course outline. Please contact us if you would like further information about this course.

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