Enrolment and Pricing

How to Enrol Your People

1. Work out the number of people you would like to enrol in the online course and the corresponding number of Cohorts (see below).

2. Use the pricing table below to work out the cost.

3. When you are ready to begin enrolment, please complete the enrolment form below by entering the names and email addresses of each of the users you wish to register. Once you have completed the enrolment form, please send it to our admissions team: admissions@buildyourownmba.com.

4. On receiving the enrolment form, we will set-up all of the user accounts and send you an invoice based upon the number of Cohorts.

5. Once the invoice has been paid we will activitate the accounts and provide you with instructions which you can send to each user explaining how they can get the most out of the course.

6. Users work their way through the course by following the easy-to-use instructions.

7. We provide you with user tracking functionality allowing you to view which materials users have accessed and how much of the online course they have completed at any given time.

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Because collaboration and group workshops form an integral part of the course, it is important that at least 8 people from within your organisation go through the course at the same time. Therefore, user licences are sold in groups of 8. This referred to as a Cohort.

The price per Cohort falls depending upon how many Cohorts you purchase and in order to make a real impact, we recommend that several Cohorts within your organisation complete the course.

It is worth noting that you are permitted to include individuals from outside your organisation within a Cohort (e.g. clients, consultants, advisors, business partners, customers, suppliers, associates, investors, commissioners, business development professionals). This will help you to ensure that all of the individuals that you work with on a day-to-day basis (internally and externally) use a consistent set of MBA concepts.

Each user licence lasts for one year.

Number of Cohorts

Annual fee per Cohort

1 Cohort

(8 Users)


(Cost Per User = £295)

Licences may only be purchased in groups of 8 (a Cohort). The price per Cohort falls depending upon the number of Cohorts purchased.

2 - 4 Cohorts

£1,888 per Cohort

Save 20%

e.g. 4 Cohorts (32 users) = £7,552

5 - 9 Cohorts

£1,770 per Cohort

Save 25%

e.g. 5 Cohorts (40 users) = £8,850

10 - 14 Cohorts

£1,652 per Cohort

Save 30%

e.g. 10 Cohorts (80 users) = £16,520

15 - 19 Cohorts

£1,534 per Cohort

Save 35%

e.g. 15 Cohorts (120 users) = £23,010

20 - 24 Cohorts

£1,416 per Cohort

Save 40%

e.g. 20 Cohorts (160 users) = £28,320

25+ Cohorts

For 200+ users (25+ Cohorts) please contact us to discuss pricing options


The above prices are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added where applicable.

Typical MBA Course

Build Your Own MBA

Average Cost of 1 Attendee = £29,000 (based upon a global average of top 100 business schools)

Cost of 160 Users (20 Cohorts) = £28,320

Familiarising one person with the core MBA frameworks and methodologies will have very little impact on an organisation.

If a large number of people within an organisation have a consistent understanding of the same core MBA frameworks and methodologies and how they can be applied to their day-to-day work, this can have a transformative impact on an organisation.

There is little or no opportunity for Attendees to apply the concepts to their own day-to-day work or their own organisation or to share their thoughts or opinions with their work colleagues.

The course has been designed to help individuals to incorporate the concepts into their day-to-day work. Collaboration and group workshops which help people to use the core MBA concepts to study their own organisation or that of a customer or client form an integral part of the course.

There is no opportunity to repeat missed lectures or re-attend lectures so as to refresh knowledge.

Users can return to the short videos whenever they wish throughout the year in order to remind themselves of the core MBA Concepts.

Even if done part-time, an MBA course will require a considerable amount of time away from the organisation.

The Build Your Own MBA course allows individuals to build the course around a busy workload. No time is required away from the organisation.