MBA Mondays

We provide a recap for our 'Strategy Consultants' on the first Monday on every month. We also also regularly provide besopke content in these sessions. For an example of this content, please see the videos below. 

MBA Mondays Resources

The resources relate to the MBA Mondays sessions

MBA Mondays - February 2022

Duration: 23 Minutes

In this MBA Mondays session we explored Functional Strategy Type 4 and the importance of creating a mismatch between key assets in the Key Asset Map and existing assets in the organisation. Organisations should direct their energies to transforming, leveraging and enhacing existing assets in order to put the key assets in place. This is referred to as 'strategy as a stretch'. Please have a go at the following worksheets - Key Asset Map Exercise 

MBA Mondays - January 2022

Duration: 22 Minutes

This is the first MBA Mondays session of 2022. It took place at 1pm (UCT) on Monday 10th January. We covered Primary Strategies. Please watch the video to find out more.